3 penguin activities for a chilly day!

3 penguin activities for a chilly day!

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Did you know that penguins make their own music? Each penguin has a musical call which is made up of different sounds and can be heard from over a half-mile away! Since penguins are camouflaged, and they travel in huge groups called colonies, they can be hard to tell apart. The penguins use their unique calls to find their penguin crew and communicate with them.

The Penguin Song explores different sounds, movements and rhythm patterns. Use the dance moves to pretend you're a penguin family!

Make your own instrument to play along with the Penguin Song!

Here's what you'll need:

  • two paper plates

  • a handful of rice

  • a stapler

  • crayons

1. Stack the paper plates together so the tops are touching

2. Staple around the edges, leaving a gap at the top

3. Pour a handful of rice (uncooked!) into the plates

4. Close the gap with staples

5. Decorate the outside to look like a penguin. Be creative! You can add an orange nose, black eyes or anything else you'd like!

Shake your penguin maraca to the beat of the music while singing the Penguin Song. Enjoy!

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