doggie doggie song!

doggie doggie song!

Sing this song sitting in a circle and patting your legs to the beat. Once you've got the song down, sing it while passing a "bone" around the circle. You can use an actual bone or pretend anything is a bone - try a ball, a shoe or an apple. They key is to pass the "bone" to the beat of the song - this helps to practice steady beat and coordination. Now comes the fun part!

Whoever is "IT" sits in the middle of the circle with their eyes closed. When the song stops, so does the passing. From the middle of the circle, the first player sings "Who has the bone?" using whatever tune they'd like. Whoever has the "bone" sings back in the same tune, "I have the bone". Then the first player has a few chances to guess who has it!

This is always a fun one & is a great way to practice steady beat, careful listening, matching pitch and fine motor skills. Enjoy!


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